Basement Renovations
Instead of making do with dirty cement floors and bare walls, get a new, beautiful living space with AGM’s basement renovations services. We offer comprehensive options to transform your basement into a fully functional living area that can support a variety of activities, including:

Recreation: Does your basement’s recreation area consist of a wobbling ping pong table and a single, broken paddle? AGM can change that by adding a full bar, theatre, gaming area and more to make this the hangout spot for your family.

Fully Functional Living Space: If the last basement apartment you saw consisted of a throw rug and a futon on a cement floor, get ready to be amazed by what we can do for your home. AGM can create full apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, fireplaces and other decorative and functional elements that will make this area feel warm and inviting.

Sauna and Workout Space: Skip the frustrating time wasted driving to the gym and, instead, create a fantastic workout area right in your basement. With additions like a sauna, shower and bathroom, your list of excuses for not hitting the treadmill just got shorter.

Offices: Get the peace and quiet needed for working from home while still being close enough to not feel like you’re missing out on family time.

Basement Finishing
At AGM, we know that a great basement starts with excellent finishing. We offer a comprehensive service list for transforming the dark walls and flooring of an unfinished basement into a clean, well-lit and comfortable living space. These services include:

Drywall Installation: For this labour-intensive step, we use only experienced drywall hangers which are well-versed in proper methods and techniques. We also do sheetrock installation and drywall taping for a smooth, finished look.

Painting: We take the stress out of painting by offering complete services in one package deal. This includes: priming and painting difficult areas like ceilings, casing, baseboards, and mouldings.

Flooring: We offer several flooring options and include the price of premium laminate flooring in our renovation packages.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling: Get a 2-year unlimited warranty with all of AGM’s expertly installed tiling.

Plumbing and Electric: Make your basement a genuinely livable space with our professional plumbing and electrical services. Our licensed plumbers and electricians are knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide the best solutions for your basement finishing.


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